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The Feminique Collection

Brazilian Clutch


Hello, style queen. We can picture you now, sitting there wondering if this bag is a necessary addition to your summer wardrobe. We’ll help you out: Yes. Yes it is. Think of how perfect it would look next to your new scalloped shorts and white linen tank! Oooh, or paired with your new floral romper and some cute wedge sandals. Grab this baby and find all the ways you can style it up or down. P...
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Crossbody Satchel


It’s not that you have an obsession with mint or geometric patterns… but actually yes that’s exactly what it is. You’re a small business owner, trying to make it in the fashion world. All of your friends are used to you scoring all the best clothes and accessories before them, but they all wish they had found this bright satchel first! And as an artist yourself, you are obsessed with the way t...
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Indigo Clutch


If it were up to you, clothes would come in just a few neutral colors. The world would be a lot more peaceful without so many bright motifs thrown in your face everywhere you look. You believe that with a neutral closet, you can have more fun with your accessories and never worry about clashing or being too loud. These block printed beauties may have been made just for you. Youthful, but not y...
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Ikat Duffel Bag


All your friends are swooning over your Instagram feed as you post dreamy photos at precious Parisian cafes and that selfie with your sister in front of the Eifel Tower. And of course, you couldn’t resist snapping a pic at the airport of your ticket resting on this darling baby blue duffel bag you got last week. Big enough for all your weekend getaway needs, but not too burdensome to carry, it...
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Romantic Leather Purse


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Your friends ooohhh and aaahhh at your style choices and you're the one setting the trends. With the one-of-a-kind Mayan embroidered blouse details paired with the soft leather and metallic details, this purse has your name all over it! Designed & Handmade in Mexico Recycled Mayan embroidered blouses sourced from Guatemala  Dimensions: 12" x 9" x 3.5 (at top of width) Chain & Leather ...
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Wide Brim Raffia Hat


You're that girl. The one everyone notices at the pool for her classic style and bold look and this wide brim hat has your name written all over it! Pair it with a classic red lip and seriously everything else in your summer wardrobe. A hat this stunning deserves to be taken on a trip and we think you're the gal to do it.  100% Crocheted raffia with wire brim to let you find the perfect shape...
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Indigo Pouchette


Your students are great, but you welcome the end of the school year and can’t wait to take a much-needed vacation. You’ve got a few beach resorts in mind and already have your bags mentally packed. This little crossbody will be absolutely dreamy with those maxi dresses you’re throwing in the suitcase in your head right now. It’s just the right size- no one wants to lug around a massive bag on ...
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Indigo Pouch


You and your friends are Instagram addicts. And with your eye for color and composition, we wouldn’t expect anything less. But you always have to be photo-ready when around each other, so you carry your makeup with you just in case. It only makes sense that your cosmetic bag is just as photogenic as you are! Don’t carry makeup around with you? Toss in your phone charger, headphones, and some p...
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Chipper Things Tote


You know how sometimes when you meet someone you can almost see the talent oozing out of them & you know that you want to work with them at some point in the future? Well that's exactly how we felt when we first met the incredibly talented illustrator & graphic designer Becky Murphy of Chipper Things.  When we approached Becky with the idea of designing a custom Fair Trade, Organic Tot...
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Block Print Frame Clutch


You’ve always got the perfect outfit, but absolutely hate going out to crowded places with a bulky bag. All you really carry is your phone, a mini lotion, and your trusty pink lipgloss anyway!  Who needs a big tote that you’ll just lose things in? Not you, that’s for sure. But all the clutches you’ve found lately are so… dull. And you’d rather carry a too-big bag than carry something boring. B...
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Fair Trade Handbags

We are an Ethical Handbag Boutique that partners with artisans around the world who create their products with an emphasis on craft & quality. These artisans are treated with respect and are paid a living wage for their region. 

Each product we carry is under $150 and helps empower the artisans who made it. 
On average, for every $200 spent in our shop, we are able to employ an artisan full time for one month. 

Socially Conscious Boutique

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